Got Junk?


Got Junk? We might be interested!

Our vendors are always on the hunt for good junk! If you have treasures you think we may be interested in, we have provided the following information to guide you!


What are we looking for?

The Red Dresser is always looking for solid wood vintage furniture that can be refurbished with a coat of paint and a little love. We are also interested in anything that is architectural…old windows, old doors, porch posts, railings, decorative trim…anything with old chippy paint! Vintage items will also always be considered! We do not, however, buy back items previously purchased in our shop.


Things to Consider When Pricing

Customers need to understand that we also need to be able to flip the items you would like us to purchase and need to expect a reasonable purchase price. We have to be able to purchase the item and recoup not only the cost of the item but also the cost of any additional labor and materials that are used to refurbish the item.


How to Show us Something You Have Picked

If you have something you think one of our vendors might be interested in please email us photos of your items at We will share your items privately with our vendors and they will contact you directly if they are interested.

Please do not bring in items without contacting us. It is difficult to discuss payment and interest in your item during store hours.

Thank you for thinking of us!